Rock your “Ugly”

IMG_156485559180266Over the years, I have found it quite funny how we Africans talk about “Black is beautiful”, when Africa in itself is a place where black is not beautiful. Let’s be honest, we all know that eight out of ten men will go for a light skinned girl over a dark skinned girl. In Africa, when you are black, you are hardly considered as beautiful.

Now, there’s a ladder of colour hierarchy in this world.White is always on top of this hierarchy….(specifically white Anglo-Saxons). Then African blacks are always at the bottom. Those in between, depends on who you know and where you come from.

In Africa, we have different shades of being black. There’s light brown skin, then chocolate brown skin, then coffee brown skin then dark, shiny black and finally, dirty black.  (Dirty black looks like coal mixed with ash). Since I’m a Ghanaian, I am going to focus on my experience in Ghana.

Growing up with a dark skin in Ghana is not easy…(high five to all the girls who still rock their dark skin colour). You will probably have to endure years of constant teasing and being called names like “blacke”, “Akosua tuntum” etc…And trust me, if you are not a self-motivated person, you will end up bleaching your skin. I used to wonder why people would want to tease me with something I had no control of and couldn’t change about myself. Its so surprising how people are always going on about how black is beautiful and all but dont behave as if they really understand what they say. There were times when I almost thought of bleaching my skin because the teasing was becoming too much to bear….It used to make me feel ugly both inside and out.Fortunately for me, I was too broke then to buy my own cream and so I had no other option that to use what was bought for me. And I am so glad that I never bleached, and I never will.

So enough about me and my uninteresting childhood. Lets focus on the causes of bleaching. Most people dont like being around people who bleach their skin for many reasons. But have you ever paused for a second, to ask yourself these questions?…(why did she touch, that beautiful dark skin?…or what was she thinking about when she decided to bleach her skin?) Even if you did, you probably  did it with a judging attitude.

Every girl likes to feel special and wanted. Almost every dark girl has probably been in a situation where they felt unwanted because of how dark their skin colour is. You know that moment when you are hanging out with that pretty light skinned friend of yours, and the number of times men noticed you over her is next to zero?..or the only reason you were ever noticed was because you mostly hanged out with a light skin girl and so you ended up feeding on her leftover glory? And people only knew you as her friend but never knew you as an individual ?….I asked a friend of mine who bleaches why she does that…and this is what she told me, “I used to have spots and acne on my face and so I decided to use one of these creams that are supposed to help clear acne and pimples. The spots and acne did go but people started telling me that I looked bright and pretty and guys finally started noticing me. So I decided to continue using it…..This is because the cream contained some bleaching substance thus, her skin was beginning to look lighter. Its sad, because what people  dont know is that these creams, contain a substance called hydroquinone-which is as nasty as it sounds. Hydroquinone is the biological equivalent of paint scraper. This means, it removes the top layer of skin , which eventually  results in a brighter  skin. Nature on the other hand can’t be tampered with, as there are always repercussions. People who bleach for awhile end up with convulsed and permanently scarred skins. And finally, brown faces who still have black knuckles, elbows, ankles and knees………Absolutely ridiculous!!!

I know its not easy but girl, the only way you can be content with your true self is by learning to love yourself the way you are. Instead of trying to get rid of the “black” skin that makes you feel so “ugly”, why dont you enhance that beautiful  black skin and give it a glow. Yes, white and brown skin is also beautiful but even that is only beautiful when it has not been tampered with .

And to all the girls out there who think that their dark skin is ugly…..Your dark skin will only be beautiful if you “learn how to rock your ugly”………:)

Things not seen

Ramatu 20160719_111644.jpgHave you ever wondered whether everything you believed in could be a whole big lie?

Situations got me thinking and seeing things as they really are.

Life is so unfair..people being accused of things they haven’t done.

And others not getting justice for the things that have been done to them.

I just realised that people like to compromise.

They no longer fight for the truth. So far as they can push it under the carpet.

And pretend like it never happened. So far as nobody finds out and the truth is safely tucked away behind closed doors.

Yes ,behind closed doors are things people say undertone. Everything is alright  so far as nobody says it out load.

I say ,we no longer have people who stand by the truth. People who are not afraid to die for the truth.

Yes people who will fight for the truth with so much passion that it baths them with goosebumps.

Tell me, why do we all pretend as though everthing is alright?..We all know deep down that its not anyway. So why the pretense?

It is not okay to compromise with injustice for any good whatsoever.

The church is supposed to be a place of refuge, a place to seek shelter and comfort….a place of solace

But now, men have turned it into an unsafe place.

Woe unto he who compromises with injustice…..for God sees all the things not seen.


Dear crush

So i saw you the other day and i looked away. Why i did that only my heart can say. How it skips a beat when my eyes upon you falls, and my body reacts when my heart calls. Oh how i wish you would look my way, and watch my beauty as i sway. But then i come back to reality and realise my absurdity. How can a man as hard as you fall for girl as soft as dew. So as i pass by i whisper to myself….”with your head held high you can touch the sky, dont look back and No! dont you sigh”. Only to knock a tray full of eggs .And into the sky were my hands and legs. Then and only then did you look my way, and with embarrassment, I carried my shame and run away…..IMG-20160626-WA0028

Girl lost to darkness

None of them knew how it felt           None of them where like her                And none of them understood her   She was difficult they said, a devil    And as a child she didn’t understand                                               All she wanted was to be part of them                                                            To feel like she belonged to something                                                 But as she grew, she stopped wanting, stopped feeling and stopped loving                                          Slowly she accepted the darkness   Craved for it even                                   None of them saw her in the dark     None of them knew her                       None of them would know how welcoming the darkness was             A place where none of them was       A place in her cold dark heart….

First blog post

  • PicsArt_1467042005807Writing articles has never been of much interest to me. I am more of a story writer. I like to create stories out of my physical environment. For example, I could be looking out the window of a “troski”( the Ghanaian slang for mini buses and sprinters) , see the many young people who sell all kinds of things in traffic and thats all it takes. My brain and imagination can’t help but create an idea of a story about a young girl who sells in traffic. I just jump into her shoes and write a short story from her point of view….I never finish the stories though and sometimes wonder if other writers have the same problem. Firstly, when the ideas spring up, I can’t help but write and write and write. Then as i get into the middle of the story, i just dont know what to write anymore….there’s so much to write and yet i just cant decide. That’s when the writing becomes boring and I ran off to seek another land.

So I have decided that instead of sitting at home doing absolutely nothing while I wait to gain admission into one of the three universities I applied for, I could write short articles about lots of things. At this moment, as I write this particular first post, there are lots of things running through my head. I mean there so many things to write  about , especially in Ghana. I have had lots of experiences and who knows, I might change a life or two by sharing them.

First blog post